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LAMAR FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering unity and compassion among individuals from all walks of life. With a vision of creating a harmonious society, this foundation strives to provide humanitarian aid, promote education, Healthcare , Good Nutrition , Food, Support Orphans , Help to widows and empower marginalized communities. Through their various initiatives, they aim to address the pressing challenges faced by vulnerable populations, such as poverty, healthcare access, and social inequality. By embracing the belief in the inherent worth and dignity of every human being, Lamar Foundation seeks to build a world where everyone has equal opportunities and the ability to live with dignity and respect.

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Afghanistan: I have to sedate my hungry baby due to aid cuts’.

The last time I was able to buy milk for my baby was two months ago. Normally I just fill the [feeding] bottle with tea. Or I soak bread in tea and then feed it to her,” Sohaila Niyazi says, sitting on the floor of her mud brick home up a hill in eastern Kabul.

There are no roads to her house – you have to walk up steep mud tracks with sewage flowing by the side of them.

Sohaila is a widow. She has six children, her youngest a 15-month-old girl named Husna Fakeeri. The tea that Sohaila refers to is what’s traditionally drunk in Afghanistan, made with green leaves and hot water, without any milk or sugar. It contains nothing that’s of any nutritional value for her baby.

Sohaila is one of the 10 million people who have stopped receiving emergency food assistance especially for the estimated two million households run by women in Afghanistan.


Winter ❄️ emergency

Millions of people in Afghanistan are experiencing misery and hunger amid decades of conflict, economic collapse, drought, and freezing wintertime temperatures.

 Afghan children face freezing winter conditions that could lead to illness, in the worst cases death, without proper winter clothing and heating, warns Save the Children.

Many were unable to afford fuel to heat homes in temperatures well below freezing

In a snowy field in the west of the Afghan capital, children rummaged through rubbish looking for plastic to burn to help their families, unable to afford wood or coal.

The children wake up from the cold and cry at night until the morning. They are all sick. So far, we have not received any help and we do not have enough bread to eat most of the time.”


Hundreds of thousands of Afghans are returning to their country from Pakistan with no work or shelter.

Abdul and his family, who include a baby son, hurriedly packed what they could in the night and set off for the border with Afghanistan the next morning. It was just one day before a 1 November deadline set by the Government of Pakistan for over 1 million undocumented foreigners to return to their countries. After the deadline, immigration enforcement measures would be applied.

Abdul had heard similar reports from Afghan community leaders in Karachi. “It was better to leave than being caught and arrested by the police,” he said. “In 24 hours, our lives changed.” In total, more than 350,000 people have returned to Afghanistan since the announcement.


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